The Wish of a Woman Writer (2)

Luiser Rinser visited the DPRK again in late March Juche 81(1992). In her meeting with President Kim Il Sung, she expressed her deep gratitude to him over again for having sent an airplane to her.

The President declined her thankful remarks, saying that though he sent the airplane, it could not be compared with her good intention to make a long trip to Pyongyang and her intention was bigger.

Saying how it could be so much big that she intended to visit Pyongyang in order to see His Excellency President Kim Il Sung all the people admired, she told him that his care about her was the great love that could never be replaced by anything else in the world.

The President did not agree with a shake of his head and told her repeatedly that her good intention was bigger. His statement was so modest that she was excited tremendously.

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