Gifts Made with Boundless Sincerity of All People 50

Enchantment and yearning for President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who are immortal as the Sun of mankind are comprised with meaningful gift plants.


In June Juche 71 (1982) the chief of staff of the Syrian People’s Army presented to President Kim Il Sung the fennel as a gift that the Syrian people have regarded as a precious medicinal plant from an old time.

Since the fennel was a rare medicinal plant, it was not easy to obtain it. However, saying that the health of the President was an ardent desire of the Korean people and progressive peoples of the world, he made his endless effort and got informed that an old man was growing fennels in a deep mountain.

The old man came to know the reason of his visit and packed in soil one plant by one plant so carefully that each leaf of the fennel couldn’t get injured, saying that he wanted to show all the sincerity of his family to the great man the whole world admired although he had regarded and grown them as heirloom.

Thus, this macrobiotic plant has come over the ocean and continent to the DPRK by such noble minds of the foreigners who wished the peerlessly great man good health.


Short-Leafed Cedrus Deodara

Members of the Study Group of the Juche Idea in Lebanon presented this short-leafed cedrus deodara to President Kim Il Sung on his 65th birth anniversary.

Deeply admiring the President who made a tremendous contribution to the ideological history of mankind by creating the immortal Juche idea, they met together for long discussion and decided to present to the President the short-leafed cedrus deodara which was exceptionally beautiful and regarded as a symbol plant of Lebanon.

Owing to their great efforts, the short-leafed cedrus deodara, which has been so loved by Lebanese as to be engraved into the national flag and presented only to the most high and noble personalities, took root in the DPRK.


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