Policy for Women

Since the medical treatment ticket was issued for prolific mothers in the DPRK, a large number of women and her family members have received medical benefits from the State.

Registered in the ticket are the names of mothers who have borne more than three children, their husbands and children who have aged one year younger to get graduated from secondary school. 

Medical treatment ticket holders have rights to receive preferential medical services in the hospitals at central level and other preventive and curative organs at all levels, whereas the relevant organs have obligation to offer the maximum of all medical conditions to the ticket holders.

The Russian Internet newspaper Bremya Peremon posted an article in 2020 as follows: In the capitalist countries women are hesitating to bear babies. In contrast, the women of the DPRK are bringing forth babies without any hesitation and inconveniences. They are living with pride and happiness of being the mothers. The women of the DPRK are really happy, as they are rearing their children under the benefits from the State and the preferential treatment of society.

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