Whole Country Brims Over with Joyful Laughing of People

The British Songun Politics Research Association praised the socialist system of the DPRK in an article posted on its internet homepage in 2019. It said:

“The bosom of life that everyone in the world longs for is a genuine motherland, a true land of the people. However, not all of them can find such a cradle of happiness, although they earnestly wish to live in one. If so, where on earth is the bosom of life?

“It is none other than the DPRK founded by President Kim Il Sung, the greatest sage in the history of mankind.

“The DPRK was developed into a people`s paradise that thoroughly embodied the people-first principle under the wise leadership of General Kim Jong Il.

“The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un administered the politics of love for the people and has converted the DPRK into a socialist paradise where the people have become the masters.”

The socialist DPRK that firmly safeguards the wellbeing of the people and brims over with their joyful laughter is indeed the earthly paradise for the people. 

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