Special Attention Should Be Paid to People’s Livelihood

On one July day several decades ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il met an official of the Party Committee of Sakju County. 

As he acquainted himself with the fact that the county people were not properly supplied with edible oil, the Chairman taught the official the way to increase oil production using corn in detail. He said that the county Party committee should pay special attention to the people`s livelihood, and earnestly instructed that they should further develop the local industry so as to produce more foodstuffs and daily necessaries to be supplied to the county people and, especially, they should always keep up the supply of such foodstuffs as edible oil, soy sauce and bean paste.

Special attention should be paid to the people`s livelihood—these words are illustrative of the nobleness of the Chairman who had cherished all his life the intention to prioritize improvement of the people’s living standards in all affairs and devotedly serve for the people.

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