Listening to People’s Laughter

One day in April Juche 71(1982), Chairman Kim Jong Il looked round Munsu Street in Pyongyang, where modern dwelling houses were constructed.

Although it was fairly late at night and he had a tight schedule to keep, the Chairman counted the floors of the apartment houses and even estimated the amount of sunshine they might get. 

When his car reached in front of an apartment house, he stopped the car saying that he could not just pass it without stopping. And then, he calmly said: Can you hear that laughter? In the past, only croaks of frogs were heard in this Munsu plain. But today, a modern city is built here and gales of laughter are heard from over the windows.

While people were sleepless with overwhelming happiness, the Chairman felt relieved of all anxieties at the merry laughter of people.

Indeed, he always found pleasure in the happiness of the people.

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