Money is No Problem in the Work for People

One day as he examined the technical design of the Ice Rink to be built in Pyongyang, Chairman Kim Jong Il asked the officials who brought it how to change indoor air.   

An official answered that they were going to naturally ventilate the rink as artificial ventilation required a large sum of money, explaining that even famous ice rinks around the world mostly relied on natural ventilation to change indoor air while controlling the temperature only.

The Chairman said that old air would then remain inside, affecting the health of the people and that there should be no polluted air in the rink, pointing to the need to draw out stale air 100 percent and put in fresh air 100 percent.

Money is no problem in our construction for the people, he said, referring to the need to redesign it with a people-centred viewpoint. 

Like this, the Chairman always warmly led the officials step by step, so that they could work as befitted the faithful servants of the people.    

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