Admiration of Guest from Northern Europe

When socialism was collapsed and capitalism was restored in different countries between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, many people visited Pyongyang, unable to dispel doubts.

Among them was the chairman of the Swedish Workers` Communist Party.

President Kim Il Sung met him on June 29 Juche 81(1992) and told him the cause of frustration of socialism in east European countries, citing examples.

After receiving his teachings, the Swedish Party leader said with full of confidence: “Thank you for your valuable teachings. I have once again been struck with admiration at your clear-cut analysis and judgment and scientific insight. …

“…Your instructions will serve as life-saving water and inspiring banner providing those who were doubtful about socialism, though temporarily, with confidence. It was right for me to come all the way to the DPRK, leaving aside all other affairs.” 

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