Taedonggang Beer, Pride of Pyongyang

The conspicuous Taedonggang Beer Festival took place in Pyongyang at a time when the whole country bubbled with distinctive holiday services in celebration of the auspicious October holiday.

Taedonggang Beer is one of the famous domestic products favoured by the DPRK people.

While inspecting the newly-built Taedonggang Beer Factory in June Juche 91(2002), Chairman Kim Jong Il emphasized the need to steadily carry on research for the production of best beer with original taste.     

The factory turns out seven kinds of beer from locally available materials to satisfy the diverse needs of consumers.

A few years ago, a German woman said that she used to think Bavaria Beer of her native town is the best one, but Taedonggang Beer tasted really sweet and soft, exceeding Bavaria Beer that boasts over 100 years of history in many aspects. Many foreigners from China, Russia, Switzerland and Britain expressed admiration for the good taste of Taedonggang Beer.  

During the festival, working people had a pleasant time drinking Taedonggang Beer which is winning fame as the pride of Pyongyang with specific taste and flavour, being newly born into the famous beverage of the DPRK in the era of the Workers` Party.  

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