“Golden Cushion” and Pincushion

Late at night on one day in early August 2018, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the trial run of a prototype trolley bus and a tramcar.

After the trial run of the tramcar, he made his way to the new-type trolley bus.

The trolley bus carrying him ran along the streets of Pyongyang.

He took his seat on an ordinary chair to acquaint himself with the noise and vibration during operation, the interior environment and the quality and cultured level of fittings and other technical specifications.

Its quality has been improved remarkably as against half a year ago, he said, adding that what a worthwhile job it is to make such a wonderful trolley bus and tramcar with our own efforts for the sake of Pyongyang citizens so that they would go to work and return home on a “golden cushion”.

Earlier, he had visited the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory. He said he keenly felt the ardent loyalty to the Workers’ Party of Korea and a high sense of patriotism of officials, workers and technicians in the passenger service sector in Pyongyang, at the sight of a new-type trolley bus. He then unburdened himself to officials that he used to feel uneasy to go on a car as if he had sat on a pincushion, whenever he saw people waiting in the bus queue in sultry weather of midsummer and in cold winter days.

At last, the trial run came to a close.

Feasting his eyes on the trolley bus again, he said he was very satisfied at the trial run of a prototype trolley bus and a tramcar made by the Korean workers with their own efforts and that it was the happiest day for him in the year.

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