Outlook on People Deeply Inscribed

In October Juche 108(2019), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited again the Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory and highly appreciated it as the cutting-edge factory that can mass-produce all kinds of medical appliances.

That day, he saw the trial medical appliances produced by the factory.

After sitting on a consultation bed and universal dentist`s chair, the Supreme Leader said that he felt the spongy is a little bit hard and stiff, and underscored the need to make the head holder to be more soft since patients will have to sit for a long time in the chair with their heads bent backwards when they receive dental treatment in particular.       

While watching the trial products, he pointed out that they did not reach a high level in terms of accuracy. It is important to mass-produce medical appliances needed for protecting and promoting the people’s lives, but it is imperative to make high-quality appliances, he said, adding that this is precisely the matter confined to the view on the people.

Officials keenly realized again the ennobling love for the people of the Supreme Leader who always gives top and absolute priority to people’s interest and convenience.

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