Visiting Wherever Soldiers Are

It happened one day in August Juche 101 (2012) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the island-defending units of the Korean People’s Army on the West Sea of Korea.

On his way to an island post aboard a small 27-hp wooden boat, braving the wind and waves, he was reported from the accompanying officials that there were soldiers on the Jangjae Island right ahead, which is located in the hottest spot in the southwestern sector of the front. Then, he told them to visit it first.

The surprised officials tried to persuade him from going there. Noting that there were his dearest soldiers, he said he should go to wherever they were even if it was very dangerous and that the Supreme Commander exists for them.

On his arrival at the island, he grasped the hands of officers one by one, saying he longed to see them defending the southernmost post on the southwest sea, and waved back to the cheering soldiers.

After a while, he learned in detail about their life in and out of service and took all necessary measures.

Noting that the soldiers of this post are the revolutionaries and patriots who reliably defend the outpost in the island of the country, whether recognized or not, he said affectionately that every day and every month of their life in this far-flung island are the days that are adorned with patriotism for the security and prosperity of the country.

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