World of Noble Loyalty

“April 13 2012 was a landmark day in the DPRK to be etched in its history.

“That day, a ceremony took place with splendour in Pyongyang in the presence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to unveil the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. …

“What impressed me most was that the statues of the President and the Chairman who were praised as the great sage of mankind for the exploits they performed for the DPRK and the world have been erected together.

“The statues depict smiling Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. …

“The leader who performed extraordinary exploits on behalf of a country and nation must enjoy immortality.

“Because the people’s well-being and future of that country depends on the leader’s immortality. …

“Looking back upon human history, the statues of great men have generally been depicted in solemn looks.

“But Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un didn’t follow the precedent of history and saw to it that the statues of the great leaders, who were admired by the world people as the Sun, were depicted in beaming images like the Sun.

“Indeed, I cannot help calling it the world of noble and lofty loyalty.

“A Russian poet, I cannot forget the endless tears of Pyongyang citizens who looked up the statues in the unveiling ceremony. I think that those tears are the ones of loyalty to the leaders and of gratitude to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.”

(Russian poet Alexander Brezhnev)

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