Nation-building Exploits of President Kim Il Sung, Great Sun

Cambodian newspaper The Khmer Times said that on September 9 1948 the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea was founded as the first people`s democratic state in the East, adding that President Kim Il Sung, the hero of the Korean nation who liberated the country by waging arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle, aroused all the people to the building of a new country.

The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy posted an article on its website, saying that it was President Kim Il Sung, the great Sun of the Korean nation, who put an eternal end to the history of disgrace stained with submission by building a powerful country eagerly longed for by the Korean people for a long time.

Laotian newspaper Pasason reported that the Korean people uphold President Kim Il Sung as the eternal president of the Republic since his nation-building exploit is so great.

The Arab-DPRK Cooperation Council carried an article on its website, saying that President Kim Il Sung put forward a line of building the country not in others` style but in keeping with Korea`s actual situation and people’s benefit by proceeding from the lucid principle of independence, and built a country on the land of Korea where people are the masters.

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