Symbol of Reverence for and Remembrance of Great Man (2)

In February 2017 there was an inaugural ceremony of unveiling commemorative plaque at the “Megatitan” supermarket in Ulan-Ude in Russia that Chairman Kim Jong Il had visited the place.

The first deputy mayor of Ulan-Ude who participated in the ceremony said that the building of a commemorative plaque of Chairman Kim Jong Il is a clear manifestation of the boundless reverence of citizens for him.

On August 24 2011 when the Chairman visited the supermarket, the schedule included the visit to the Zabaikal Folk Museum. But the Chairman said that it is more important to know the living standards of ordinary people, and changed the schedule to visit the supermarket.

At the supermarket he dropped in at every stand going freely with the local people in an unceremonious manner, and studied in detail the supply of commodities and sales through the Russian officials including the manager of the supermarket.

The general director of the Group of the “Titan” company said after witnessing the reality that the leader of a country is deeply caring for the improvement of the people`s living by studying in detail on the work of commercial service more than the professional official:

It was the greatest glory that could not be repeated in my life to meet Chairman Kim Jong Il.

I can never forget the noble image of the legendary great man who always cared for the improvement of the people`s living even during the visit to the “Megatitan” supermarket.

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