Stalin’s Sincerity

President Kim Il Sung paid an official visit to the then Soviet Union in Juche 38 (1949).

Stalin prepared a grand banquet for Kim Il Sung and personally delivered a speech.

In his speech, he highly praised Kim Il Sung as a genuine proletarian internationalist and a model of communist who had helped the Soviet Union at the cost of blood from the invasion of imperialism and defended it with arms in the East. Noting that his country could build socialism under the current peaceful situation thanks to the struggle of genuine communists like Kim Il Sung, he proposed expressing thanks to him with applause. Stormy applause lasted for a long time.

At that time, he presented Kim Il Sung a deluxe car “ZIM”, the cream of the auto industry of the then Soviet Union. It was a bulletproof car of new type manufactured on the initiative and order of Stalin.

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