Store Brimming with Happy Laughter

The newly renovated Pyongyang Children`s Department Store in the DPRK attracts good crowds of children and other shoppers.

Those at engaging stands and playing spaces full of laughter say that they are reluctant to leave the department store every time they come.

However, not many people are aware of the heart-touching story associated with it.

It was in May Juche 101(2012) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the store for the first time.

He gave detailed instructions on the issue of providing the goods to be sold at the children’s department store according to indices and demands, and said that playing spaces for children should be set up on each floor of the store.

Therefore, all the stands of the store were filled with plenty of goods and children’s playing spaces were furnished splendidly on each floor.

Visiting the store again in July of that year, the Supreme Leader said that the newly playing spaces were well furnished and paid close attention to making the store sell high-quality children’s goods in larger quantities.

He took measures for making the department store sustain its characteristics and providing it with intelligent toys on a regular basis. And he earnestly requested that the children’s department store should become a commercial service base brimming with happy laughter as well as a favourite haunt of children and other citizens.

In praise of the Supreme Leader who is endowed with the will of love for the country and people, boundless and noble, world media outlets reported: “Love for people is his nature.”, “The politics of love for people of Chairman Kim Jong Un impresses the international community.”, “The politics, military affairs, economy, culture and even morality are all for the people and only people-oriented things are encouraged―this is the DPRK’s reality.” and “Upholding Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the future of the DPRK will be brighter with greater victory and glory.”

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