Fascinated by Noble Virtue and Personality Traits

Among those who ardently followed the Juche idea, attracted by the noble personality traits of President Kim Il Sung, was Hans Klecatsky, an Austrian figure.

“Once you meet President Kim Il Sung, then you will feel an irresistible impulse to hold him as your mentor.”

This is what he answered the question as to why he followed the Juche idea. 

In October Juche 74(1985), Klecatsky visited the DPRK as director general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea. After meeting President Kim Il Sung he lauded him as a “world leader”, “my real father” and “my great mentor”.

Afterwards, he met the President on several occasions and told other people:

“President Kim Il Sung`s human love and humanity and fragrance of his personality traits are so warm and noble that they captivate all people and always make them respect and follow him.”

Immensely fascinated by his noble traits as a great man, the director general devoted his all to widely propagating the undying exploits and Juche idea of the peerlessly great man.

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