Voice in Praise of Great Man 7

Intimate Friend, My Brother

After winding up his tour of the DPRK, Indonesian President Sukarno visited China and met Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai to have a talk in a friendly atmosphere.

At the talk they exchanged views on a series of international issues including the situations in the Far East and Southeast Asia, and the Indonesian President said with emotion:

“Your Excellency Zhou Enlai, I visited the DPRK as a friend and I am returning home today not only as a friend but also as a comrade-in-arms. There is a saying that you get acquainted with someone at the first meeting and become as intimate with him as brothers at the second meeting, but I am going back after becoming a comrade-in-arms of the DPRK at the first meeting.  

“His Excellency Kim Il Sung is an intimate friend and my brother. 

“He is really an unforgettable man. He makes even a stranger his close friend with his benevolent smile, profound emotion and warm humanity.”

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