Political Bureau of WPK Central Committee Meets for Emergency Enlarged Session

At the time when the anti-epidemic campaign has been intensified to thoroughly check the inroads of the worldwide pandemic, an emergency event happened in Kaesong City where a runaway to the south, who is suspected to have been infected with the virulent virus, returned on July 19 after three years of his runaway by illegally crossing the Military Demarcation Line.

The anti-epidemic organization said that as an inconclusive result of having been diagnosed as having infectious virus was made through several medical tests of the secretion of that person’s upper airway and blood, the person was put under strict quarantine as a primary step and all the persons in Kaesong City who contacted that person and those who have been to the city over the last five days are being thoroughly investigated, medically examined and quarantined, keeping in touch with the relevant sector.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea convened an emergency enlarged meeting in the office building of the WPK Central Committee on July 25 as regards the dangerous situation in Kaesong City that may lead to a deadly and destructive disaster.

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the WPK, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, attended the meeting.

The meeting was also attended by members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee.

Present there as observers were members of the Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters.

Leading Party and administrative officials of the Cabinet, ministries and national agencies, members of the executive committees of provincial Party committees and senior officials of the provincial-level leading organs were present in the video conferencing rooms as observers.

Upon authorization of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, Chairman Kim Jong Un presided over the meeting.

Despite the intense preventive anti-epidemic measures taken in all fields throughout the country and tight closure of all the channels for the last six months, a critical situation has occurred in which it can be said that the vicious virus has entered the country, the Supreme Leader said, referring to the fact that a preemptive measure was taken on the afternoon of July 24 immediately after receiving the report on it to totally block Kaesong City and isolate each district and region from the other.

To address the present situation, he declared a state of emergency in the relevant area and clarified the determination of the Party Central Committee to shift from the state emergency anti-epidemic system to the maximum emergency system and issue a top-class alert.

He specified tasks for each sector which should immediately be implemented by Party and working people’s organizations, power, public security and state security organs and anti-epidemic and public health institutions.

The meeting unanimously adopted a decision of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee on switching from the state emergency anti-epidemic system to the maximum emergency system.

He instructed all the participants to immediately organize works to carry out the decision of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee in their fields and units, and party organizations at all levels and every field to ensure and guarantee the most correct implementation of the directions and assignments of the Party Central Committee with a sense of great responsibility, loyalty and devotion.

He underscored the need to thoroughly maintain strict organizational discipline and ensure the unity in action and thinking throughout the Party and society, to keep order by which everyone absolutely obeys the command of the emergency anti-epidemic headquarters and moves as one under it and for party organizations at all levels to perform their function and role perfectly.

He said that everyone should face up to the reality of emergency gravely, calling on them all to overcome the present epidemic crisis by remaining faithful and consistent to the leadership of the Party Central Committee with responsibility and devotion without losing the focus of thinking and action and uniting more closely behind it so as to defend the welfare of the people and security of the country without fail.

The meeting sternly pointed out the loose guard performance of the frontline unit in the area where the runaway to the south occurred, and decided that the Central Military Commission of the WPK would get a report on the results of an intensive investigation of the military unit responsible for the runaway case, administer severe punishment and take necessary measures.


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