Festival Sings of the Sun of Juche

Amidst the growing reverence and bondless yearning of the world’s progressives for President Kim Il Sung the 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival took place on a large scale.

The festival performances were given at theatres and concert halls in Pyongyang, which were full houses with local people, overseas Koreans and foreigners.

Artistes from Laos, Cuba, Russia, Mongolia, Cyprus, Spain, France and other countries wonderfully represented with rich volume of voice, refined rendition and well-knit ensemble the desire of the progressive humankind to live an independent and creative life to their heart’s content in a peaceful world free from aggression, war, domination and subjugation.

Overseas Korean artistes attracted public interest with a rendition of folk songs, dances and instrumental music pieces rich in national flavour.

Acrobatic pieces added to the festival atmosphere with full performances of breathtaking stunts and artistic movements of high degrees of difficulties.

The festival not only enlivened the holiday mood in Pyongyang in celebration of the Day of the Sun, an auspicious holiday common to humankind, but also showcased the fervent yearning of the world’s progressives for the DPRK great leaders.

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