Reason Why He Went Up on Rooftop

On a summer day in Juche 45(1956), President Kim Il Sung visited a chemical fibre factory in a foreign country.

After going round for a long time the factory compound where it was hard to breathe due to a nasty gas smell, he suddenly asked to go up on the roof.

The officials tried to deter him saying the roof was damped by the drizzling rain and became slippery and dangerous to walk on.

However, he replied that a chemical fibre factory should be restored soon in order to provide the people with clothes sufficiently, and added that the officials must think about the people who lost everything in the war before worrying about his health.

Climbing up a vertical ladder onto the roof, the President said that he would do so a hundred or a thousand times if the people can be dressed in silk.

On hearing about that, the head of state of that country said:
“I also inspect factories, but I have never climbed up on the roof. The respected Comrade Kim Il Sung is, indeed, a great man.”

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