June 19 and Workers’ Party of Korea

International community is raising its voice in praise of the immortal exploits Chairman Kim Jong Il achieved in order to strengthen and develop the Workers` Party of Korea.

Internet homepage of SANA, Syria, reported that June 19, 1964 was a meaningful day when a new turning point was marked in the building of the WPK and a historical event was also made in the building of socialist ruling party and a new independent world. And it went on speaking that the Chairman had strengthened and developed the WPK into a genuine motherly Party who takes in charge of the people`s destiny and cares for them.

Russian newspaper Byvor reported:

On June 19, 1964 Chairman Kim Jong Il began his work in the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. It was a significant day that marked a new turning point in the realization of the revolutionary cause of Juche. The Chairman conducted his ideological and theoretical activities energetically to give correct solutions to the principled matters arisen in the building of a revolutionary Party. He made officials go among the masses and serve them upholding the slogan of “We serve the people!” He is the eternal leader of the WPK who will always be in the hearts of all the Korean people.

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