Ryomyong Street

Ryomyong Street is a monumental creation in the Mallima era which was built in Juche106(2017)  in the area adjacent to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

On a site covering 90 hectares, 44 superhigh-rise, high-rise and multi-storey apartment houses with over 4 800 flats including the 70-storey building and more than 40 public buildings like nurseries and kindergartens were built, and 70 apartment houses and public buildings were renovated.

The street meets the demand of modern architecture that aspires to green, zero-carbon and zero-energy technology–green roofs and walls, heating and cooling system using geothermal energy, and illumination by solar energy. Numerous cutting-edge technologies including rainwater recycling are introduced.

The grandiose construction project was a fierce campaign to smash the moves for sanctions and pressure of vassal forces by dint of unshakeable spirit of attack and staunch spirit of socialism and bring about the dawn.

When the project was in full swing, the country had to divert the construction force to the flood-stricken areas in the northern part.

As it was completed just in nine months in this situation, Ryomyong Street became a symbol of the great leap.

The apartment houses of the street were provided free of charge to scientists, teachers and other working people.

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