Maxim of a Great Man

One day in January Juche 73(1984), an aide to President Kim Il Sung went to his residence for the first time and stood still there in amazement at the sight of all its ordinary fixtures from furniture to lampshade. The articles were those ordinarily seen in every household in the country.

He felt so sorry to see his residence which was too common unexpectedly that tears welled in his eyes. 

He told the President that he could equip his residence with nice furniture and other fixtures now that our people lived in good houses.

Then the President said that he did not wish to live in a better house than those of the people, that he could not live in a grand house furnished with excellent fixtures and that the modest furniture, other fixtures, clothes, shoes and vessels made in the country were best and he was content with them. And he told the aide that money should be spent on something of help to improving the people’s livelihood.

The aide was so impressed by the noble personality traits of the President he said that there could be found no man in the world like the great leader who loved the people best.

Then the President told him that he was guided by his maxim “The people are my God”.

Looking up to the President, the aide felt a lump in his throat. 

He was convinced that such a great man as the President could be found nowhere else in the world.

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