Remembrance of Great Man (4)

Plain Heart of People

It happened when Chairman Kim Jong Il provided on-the-spot guidance at Huichon, Jagang Province, on June 1 Juche 87(1998).

Realizing his car running along the not-so-wide road of the mountainous city, a large number of locals followed the car, shouting hurrah at the top of their voices.

The scene was the feature of true children following their father and the genuine looks of the integrated whole of the leader and people that could be seen nowhere else in the world.

Looking at them intimately with a broad smile on his face, the Chairman let down the car window and waved back to the cheering crowds.

Those who were following his car in the van were mainly young people.

Wiping tears with their fists, they approached rashly to the car in order to see the benevolent image of the Chairman at a nearer distance.

The Chairman told his driver to drive the car slowly, saying that he could not pass through without stopping as lots of young people continued to run towards his car shouting hurrah and that they would miss greatly if we passed through on the pretext of our busy time.

When the car slowed down its speed, the enthusiastic cheers of young and other people rocked the whole street.

Warmly waving his hand to the young people making a close circle around the car with tears on their faces, the Chairman told an official seating beside him, who was moved to tears, that the sentiment of people running towards his car, cheering with tears on their faces, can never be imitated nor be got for money. This is the true feature of the single-minded unity that can be seen only in our country where the Party and people are united in one mind, he added.

Though the looks of locals passed out of his sight, the Chairman did not take his eyes off the car window for a long time.

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