A Hardworking Director

On July 14, Juche 101 (2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Kyongsang Kindergarten for the second time.

Making the rounds of several places of the kindergarten including sections for playing at housekeeping and doctor and jigsaw in the general playroom he expressed satisfaction that visual education and object education were being conducted well to suit the juvenile mind.

In the general playroom he was very satisfied to see a rural landscape section which has plots of red pepper, eggplant, cucumber and strawberry, a rice straw-covered coop where an egg-laying chicken was sitting under different fruit trees, a chick coop, small farm implements commonly used in farm villages, balls of soybean malt hanging at a house and its bottle gourd-covered bush-clover fence. He told the officials that when he visited the kindergarten previously, he thought that the working manner of its director was quite good as she said that she would arrange her kindergarten better in the future, and that as he sees the well-arranged kindergarten today, she is really a hardworking official.

Kim Jong Un was very glad to see patterns of soles of feet and wooden musical character decorations on the stairs and walls of corridors and mother chrysanthemum decorations on handrails of staircases, and said that they had done a good job and that they had really racked their brains. And he highly appreciated the director and teachers of the kindergarten for having arranged it to suit the age and psychological characteristics of children and to be helpful to their intellectual development.

After seeing the performance given by the kindergarteners, he said that the first purport of his re-visit was that the matter of arranging and running kindergartens well to be conducive to intellectual development and cultivation of talents of children of preschool age was very important and another one was that he wished to praise the director of the kindergarten who was doing her job well.

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