Surprising Reality

As he referred to an impression he had received while staying in Pyongyang, the minister of public health and population of the Republic of Congo said that everything serves the people in the DPRK where health and material and cultural life of the working people are regarded as the matter of state concern and primary importance.

The chairman of the Nepal Literature Forum for the Study of Songun Politics wrote in his record of visit to the DPRK in following effect:
During our stay in the DPRK we did not see even a person wandering in streets.

It is because the government of this country takes care of the people`s livelihood in a responsible manner.

In capitalist countries, the number of unemployed is growing day by day.

In the DPRK, however, people are living with stable jobs.

There would be no country like the DPRK in the world where all the people live a life of equality in good harmony.

The director of the Russian Institute of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism said that the working people in the DPRK learn and work according to their wishes and aptitude, and continued:

 “To guarantee all rights to be enjoyed by the people at the highest level is the essence of politics and invariable state policy of the DPRK. It is surprising that popular policies are enforced without letup despite decades-long vicious sanctions and blockade.

 “The Korean working people are blessed people as they maintain true dignity under the most advantageous socialist system.

 “The DPRK is the genuine land of working people.”

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