“The Sun of Mangyongdae”

The birth of President Kim Il Sung was a joy and felicity for entire Mangyongdae as well as his family.
Lifting aloft young Kim Il Sung with bright eyes on the handsome face and a thundering cry, his great-grandmother said:
“You look as bright as the sun! You are my great-grandson. Get flowers into bloom in this house, ‘Jungson’. Add lustre to this country.”
Saying she could get the lovely great-grandson as she lived long, she called him “Jungson” (great-grandson) as childhood name and stayed by him all day long.
After his birth, the whole family forgot all worries, their faces beaming with delight.
He was so handsome that he was not only loved by his family members but also complimented by the villagers, and more and more people visited the house to see him. The villagers rejoiced at his birth as if it were a happy event of their own families and congratulated his great-grandmother.
“Grandmother, you must be so happy. After taking such great pains you have got such a fine great-grandson and your family will have a spell of extremely good luck.”
“As it is so bright his face seems to light up the room.”
“With such an outstanding appearance he is sure to become a general. You’d better name him after a general, rather than simply calling him Jungson.”
His great-grandmother and grandparents used to receive such compliments not only from the visitors to their home but also from the people they met outside.
When he started to walk, the villagers looked at him with amazement.
He moved forward step by step with a bright smile on his dimpled face, and everyone looked at his extraordinary looks in wonder.
Charmed by his appearance, the villagers said unanimously:
“Look at him. He is just like the sun.”
“Jungson is truly the sun in the sky.”
Hence the story about “the Sun of Mangyongdae” spread like a legend through the Mangyongdae area.

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