Pakyon Falls

It is nearly 24 km away from the north of Kaesong City.

It is one of the three famous waterfalls in Korea, along with Kuryong Falls in Mt. Kumgang and Taesung Falls in Mt. Solak. And it is also one of the three celebrities of Songdo with So Kyong Dok, a well-known philosopher of the 15th century, and a famous poetess Hwang Jin I. At the top of the waterfall 37 m high is a pond named Pakyon 24 m round, 8 m across and 5 m deep. Below the waterfall is Komo Pool 120 m round and 40 m across. It is named after the top pond whose water empties to form the waterfall.

The waterfall seen from the nearby Pomsa Pavilion is quite spectacular.

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