Trekking Route in Sangwon Valley

The route runs along the valley between Popwang Peak and the southern slopes of Oson Peak.

The valley gets the name of Sangwon because Sangwon Hermitage, most renowned in the area of Mt. Myohyang, is situated there.

The route lies through the most beautiful valley in Mt. Myohyang. It has tracks leading to Popwang Peak, the highest peak in the routes, and tracks from Sangwon Hermitage to Pulyong Hermitage. The routes incline gradually except a few steep parts, and the valley is so deep that it is shadowy all the morning. It is ideal for trekking with green forests, crystal-clear water and cool breeze.

Along the route trekkers can see stupas, Sangwon Gate, Kumgang Gate, waterfalls such as Kumgang Falls, Ryongyon Falls and Sanju Falls, Inho Rock and many historical relics and remains including Sangwon Hermitage, Nungin Hermitage and Pulyong Hermitage.

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