To Turn a Beach into Cultural Resort for the People

In May Juche 90(2001) Chairman Kim Jong Il looked round the Ryongsupho Bathing Resort.

The place, which is ideal as bathing resort as the water is clear and not so deep and there are pebbles on the sea bed, is associated with love and pains of President Kim Il Sung who applied himself to promoting the people`s health and providing them with a better cultural and emotional life.

The Chairman said that properly refurbishing and managing the Ryongsupho Bathing Resort was an important work to realize the noble intention of the President who had devoted his all to the good of the people all his life, and he gave precious instructions to this end.

He showed close concern to the matters of providing the people with excellent conditions for sea bathing including the installation of adequate public amenities, sufficient supply of electricity, ensuring of proper traffic to and from the resort and preservation of the beautiful scenery.

The Chairman, who always applied his mind to providing the people with more excellent conditions for cultural and emotional life, showed such benevolent care to making every cultural resort brim with their joy and laughter.

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