His Promise with Children

President Kim Il Sung visited the Taedongmun Cinema House to see the performance for greeting the New Year given by children of Pyongyang City on December 31 Juche 46(1957).

As he was pleased all the time, he said to himself that the cinema house seemed too small for them to kid around as much as they like.

Looking around at officials, he said that we should build a new wonderful palace for them in the future although we were here today to see their performance for the New Year greeting.

When the performance was over, he said that he would see their performance for greeting each New Year and that we should build a new palace for our dear flower-buds as they were the king of the country.

The President made a promise to see them there again and, since then, he made the Pyongyang Students and Children`s Palace to be wonderfully built at the best place of the capital.

❄                       ❄

Today the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is carrying on the history of loving care of the President who had been the benevolent father of children of the entire country.

Joyful and happy voices of children’s laughing and singing are now resounding louder in every nook and corner of the country under his noble loving care for rising generation never to be compared to all the loving cares and affection in the world.

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