Moran Hill

Standing in the heart of Pyongyang, it is called a “garden in the capital” and one of the “eight scenic spots of Pyongyang”.

It is 95 metres above the sea and covers a total area of over 270 hectares.

There grow over 180 kinds of trees and over 120 kinds of flowers blooming according to the season.

 In spring it is spread with flowers in full bloom. In summer it is covered green foliage to turn into an ideal summer resort for Pyongyang citizens.

Ulmil Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, Choesung Pavilion, Pubyok Pavilion and other historical remains add to the beauty of the hill.

On Sundays and holidays it is crowded with picnickers. 

At the foot of the hill there are many grand monumental structures and cultural establishments, including the Arch of Triumph, Kim Il Sung Stadium, Friendship Tower, Liberation Tower, Moranbong Theatre and Kaeson Youth Park.

The strolling on Moran Hill will provide you with an opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pyongyang, a city in a park.

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