Banquets Given in Honour of War Veterans

Banquets were given in honour of the participants in the Fifth National Conference of War Veterans at the Mokran House, People’s Palace of Culture, Okryu and Chongnyu restaurants, Pyongyang Noodle House and general-service ship Mujigae.

Senior Party and government officials and leading officials from military organs attended the banquets to congratulate war veterans.

Speakers referred to the fact that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un proposed holding the conference, sent trains, buses and planes to all parts of the country to ensure the health of the war veterans and provide every convenience for them and fixed the schedule loosely so that they could have a comfortable and pleasant time during their stay in Pyongyang.

They were moved to tears when they told about the parental affection of the Supreme Leader who cared so much about the war veterans and saw that rare and expensive and health-promoting foods were served at the banquets.

They toasted the Supreme Leader’s health.

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