The Sci-Tech Complex

There is the Sci-Tech Complex on Ssuk Island in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a giant atom-shaped structure whose design is reminiscent of the world of science.

It was inaugurated on January 1, Juche 105 (2016).

Covering a total fl oor space of over 106 600 sq metres, the complex is a great temple of learning for all the people from children to scientists and technicians and a multi-functional hub of scientifi c and technological dissemination.

Hung on the front wall of the entrance hall is the portrait of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, eternal leaders of socialist Korea.

The Sci-Tech Complex is a large e-library that digitizes scientifi c and technological hits made at home and the world’s advanced sci-tech information in a comprehensive and systematic way to build databases and disseminates them through computer networks.

Inside the four-storey building are e-reading areas and halls of unique designs in consideration of ages so that the visitors can peruse data of advanced sci-tech information and acquire ample knowledge, over ten sectoral exhibition halls with a variety of exhibits, electronic presentation devices and computers, areas for academic discussions and questionand-answer, temporary exhibitions and other areas for scientifi c exchange, all retaining their characteristic features.

On the ground fl oor are found the hall for children’s dreams, hall dedicated to the history of sci-tech development, cinema for science fi lms and 4D simulation cinema, academic seminar hall and the reading room for the disabled. They are arranged around the tiered lounge hall.

Found on the other fl oors are four applied science and technology exhibition halls, those of cutting-edge science and technology, scientifi c study and basic science, animation watching and online lecture areas, and other spaces for reading, lecture and workshop.

A tower symbolic of science and technology stands in front of the Sci-Tech Complex, and there are study sites, a fountain park, and the outdoor sci-tech exhibition ground embracing future energy, scientifi c amusement and other sections.

It also has a modern lodging house with 500 beds and trolley-bus line to provide visitors with full convenience.

The complex is an energy-saving, green structure in which its lightings, cooling and heating are based on solar, geothermal and other renewable energy, and its unique design goes well with the landscape of Ssuk Island in an excellent location of Pyongyang.

The Sci-Tech Complex fully embodies the idea of giving priority to science and technology put forward by the
Workers’ Party of Korea that regards the development of science and technology as the most important issue decisive of victory or failure in the building of a thriving country, an important undertaking related to the future of the country, and pushes ahead with it persistently.

An epitome of the WPK’s idea of attaching importance to science and talents and its benevolent affection for the people, the complex is always crowded with people who acquire the knowledge in science and technology to their heart’s content.

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