Sound of the Wind

It was when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the 45-storey apartment house built in Taedongmun-dong, Changjon Street.

The accompanying officials expressed admiration as they feasted their eyes on the Changjon area that had just undergone tremendous changes, from the balcony commanding picturesque view of the Taedong River.

Only a year ago, low-storeyed apartment houses and old public buildings lined the street evoking the memories of the past.

But now it was completely changed beyond recognition.

Along the wide-open road, gorgeous skyscrapers, other high-rise apartment blocks and public buildings sprang up in good harmony and service amenities of unique styles rose side by side.

Changjon Street was indeed an enchanting, ideal street born in the era of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The Supreme Leader, who was having a bird’s eye view of the socialist fairyland with a broad smile along with the officials, suddenly listened to the light sound coming in through the window.

“The sound of the wind is audible.”


All the officials strained their ears by the window.

Surely, a faint sound of the wind was heard from the chink in the window.

The officials were surprised as he sensed the sound which was so weak even the building operators and other specialists, who were in charge of the construction of the apartment building, could not feel.

“Let us make the windows airtight so that the residents on the very high floor would suffer no inconvenience,” said the Supreme Leader.

The request was a reflection of his earnest wish to block even such a feeble wind filtering in through the chink in the window.


The officials were deeply moved.

The Supreme Leader stressed the need to embody more thoroughly the principle of prioritizing convenience and aesthetics again and again lest the people who would live in the fascinating street built thanks to the benevolent affection of Chairman Kim Jong Il should feel any slight inconvenience in life.

No matter is trifling to the Supreme Leader if it concerns the people and nothing gives satisfaction to him unless it is liked by them.

That is why such a weak sound of the wind was a big matter to him.

As he moved toward another room, he told officials once again to properly shelter the house from the wind.

The officials bubbled over with excitement.

‘The residents of Changjon Street, when you lead a happier life with each passing day at your snug homes impervious to wind, don’t forget that all your homes are associated with the meticulous care and fatherly affection of the Supreme Leader. ’

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