Great Master of Independence Era

The Lao newspaper Pasason said that President Kim Il Sung worked out the way of building the people`s state power which defends and realizes the interests of the people of all strata from the independent standpoint, regardless of ready-made theories or experiences of other countries. It is one of the greatest feats performed by him to turn the DPRK into an invincible socialist country underpinned by the firm political, military and economic foundations, it noted.

The Congolese News Agency in an online article said that the whole life of President Kim Il Sung runs through with independence. He gave a scientific explanation on the questions arising in realizing the cause of global independence such as the question of firmly adhering to independence in each country and nation and that of strengthening the Non-Aligned Movement and expanding and developing the South-South cooperation, etc. The august name of President Kim Il Sung, the great master of the era of independence, will be cherished forever in the hearts of billions of world people.

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