In Praise of Great Man 1

“No One Can Take Care of World Revolution but Comrade Kim Il Sung” (1)

Mao Zedong, who was the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, presented many gifts to President Kim Il Sung including embroidery “Tiger” and two national hats sent in October 1953.

The embroidery, “Tiger”, made under the deep concern of Chairman Mao is said to have been the best one selected from scores of artworks created by many renowned artists and embroiderers across China.

In China, there is a custom of presenting tiger skins or artworks depicting tiger to generals or heroes who performed extraordinary feats for the country. Embroidered on the two hats are different national designs.

It is said that the Chinese people present hats to their teachers or important personages as an expression of respect for them.

Chairman Mao sent the gifts he prepared with sincerity to President Kim Il Sung as a token of his respect for him as the symbol of DPRK-China friendship.

Conveying the gift from Chairman Mao during his visit to the DPRK, the head of the Chinese people`s consolation group said: “Comrade Kim Il Sung is the benefactor who rendered both material aid and moral support to the Chinese people in their hardest times. The five-star red flag of China is permeated with the red blood of the Korean brothers.”

In 1955 he presented an observation car as a gift to President Kim Il Sung by reflecting the feeling of absolute trust and boundless reverence of all the Chinese people for him, who defeated the US imperialists in the Fatherland Liberation War to safeguard peace in Asia and the rest of the world and wisely led the people in their efforts for postwar rehabilitation of the national economy to achieve miraculous successes in the revolution and construction.

“No One Can Take Care of World Revolution but Comrade Kim Il Sung” (2)

As he met President Kim Il Sung on his visit to China in April 1975, Chairman Mao held his hands and said with tears in his eyes, “I am glad to see you. I’ve waited for you Comrade Kim Il Sung from morning.”

Mao arrived in Beijing a week before the President’s visit to China after spending a year in Hunan, Shanxi and Henan provinces suffering from a debilitating illness. He opened his heart to the President, saying that he always thought of the President for one week and that he couldn’t go to sleep that day and the day before for the pleasure of meeting him.

He talked with President Kim Il Sung for a long time, open-heartedly exchanging opinions on the situations of the two countries and complicated international political issues, and expressed full sympathy with the view and attitude of the President.

Having foreseen his fate, Chairman Mao said to the President in a very serious voice full of earnest expectation and wish, “I think as in the past, you must take care of the world revolution and international communist movement in the future, too, Comrade Kim Il Sung. No one can do it but you. I sincerely ask you to continue to lead the world revolution and international communist movement.”

At a time of parting from the President, he held his hands for a long time and said to him in a voice full of excitement, “Probably it will be our last farewell. I am very happy to have such a great man in the world like you, Comrade Kim Il Sung, as the closest comrade-in-arms and brother. Whether the world revolution and international communist movement would win or lose rests with you. So I wish you long life and good health. This is my last request.”

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