Delayed Departure Time

It happened on May 7 Juche 69(1980) when President Kim Il Sung left Pyongyang for a visit to Yugoslavia.

When the departure time of plane was pressing, an unexpected report that unfavourable climatic condition was created in the area of a foreign airport which the plane carrying the President had to make a stopover.

According to weather news sent by a relevant country, the area had a downpour with lightening.

Officials concerned fretted themselves to death.

At around four o`clock at dawn, Kim Jong Il  came to the airport.

The officials told him about the weather news they had just received.

After being briefed on the weather condition by the officials, he said at once that there should be no slightest weakness in the ensuring the flight of the President, the plane should be allowed to take off when it was believed to be the safest time after seriously calculating everything and what was important was to make a safe flight.

Therefore, the special plane carrying the President departed later behind time when the report on favourable weather condition came from the relevant country.

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