A Piece of Laver-Rolled Rice

One early morning Chairman Kim Jong Il embarked on the road of field guidance again.

That day, he inspected the construction site of a power plant, machine factory, chicken factory and others in North Phyongan Province, as well as a unit of the Korean People`s Army. Therefore, it was late 13 o’clock when he had breakfast-lunch on the isolated roadside.

When the Chairman opened his lunch box, officials were surprised.

Two pieces of laver-rolled rice, three slices of cucumber, one green pepper with soybean paste, a little amount of edible herb salad―these were all for his meal.

At that moment the officials recalled when the Chairman had eaten only half of a bowl of corn gruel with a thought of people suffering from food shortage and had taken only one ball of scorched rice handed to him by the driver on the field car on his field guidance tours in the days of Arduous March and forced march.

He had one piece of the seasoned rice rolled in laver, drank a cup of water and laid down his spoon and chopsticks, saying that he did not do his work enough to have all his food.

The officials could not say any more as they felt a lump in their throat.

This story was woven on May 18 Juche 91(2002).

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