Episode on His First Birthday after Liberation (3)

(April 15, 1946)

Students of Pyongyang Institute Invited to Lunch

At lunchtime that day, Kim Il Sung invited to his residence the Pyongyang Institute squad members who were on guard duty.

He kindly asked them whether there were any sick students and spoke highly of the students of the institute who were involved in the guarding of Pyongyang, saying they were properly discharging their duty to fully protect important institutions, factories and enterprises from the reactionaries` acts of sabotage and subversive activities.

He said he called them to invite them to lunch as they took great pains to carry out their guard duty, and guided them to the dining room.

Each of the various kinds of dishes such as refreshing cold noodles, rice cakes and fruits was associated with the warm love of the General and anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk who carefully considered their taste.

The General told them to sit down and help themselves without reserve. And he told officials that the students might be unable to have lunch freely in the presence of them and stepped towards the courtyard together with them.

Kim Il Sung spent his first birthday after liberation that way.

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