Image of Sun Eternal in the Hearts of World People

In February filled with boundless yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il, solemnly haunted is his benevolent image smiling bright always with the people.

December 4 Juche 100(2011) was Sunday. It was so cold for an early winter.

The Chairman visited the Amusement Park of the Kaeson Youth Park and felt very satisfied to get the park remarkably refurbished.

The management workers of the park told him earnestly their impatient feelings, for he inspected the park on an exceptionally cold day while putting aside many good days.

Then, he smiled broadly and told them that his visit on such a day was for the people to come on good days.

His benevolent image was truly a venerable one of the people`s father who appreciates a great deal of hardships and devotes his all for the people.

DR Congolese newspaper wrote that the Korean people always live cherishing in their hearts the warm smile of the great father, who went on the road of field guidance for his beloved people with superhuman energy till the last days of his life.

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