“Pomhyanggi” Cosmetics with Leader’s Love

On March 8 over 10 years ago Chairman Kim Jong Il arranged a splendid performance to congratulate women on their holiday. And he saw it together with the women workers in Pyongyang.

Busy as he was with state affairs, big and small, he made time to see the list of those to be invited to the event, art troupes to join the performance and even the performance programme.

Not content with this, he presented “Pomhyanggi (spring fragrance)”-brand cosmetics to all the audience and performers as gifts.

The gifts were closely associated with warm love and affection of the Chairman.

He took a special measure to prepare “Pomhyanggi” cosmetics for the March 8 International Women`s Day celebrations and transport them safely by train for fear of even slight damage to them on the way from the factory.

“Pomhyanggi” cosmetics they received that day were full of exquisite fragrance of great love of the Chairman.

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