Great Revolutionary, Outstanding Statesman

The profound reverence of the international community for Chairman Kim Jong Il, who led the cause of independence of the masses of the people, socialist cause, to victory by dint of extraordinary ideology and theory and seasoned leadership, was manifested more fervently to mark the Day of the Shining Star.

It can be testified by the publications of various countries which spoke highly of the immortal exploits the Chairman had performed for the times and history.

The Cambodian radio FM 105 reported that the Korean people and world`s progressive mankind recall Chairman Kim Jong Il on February 16 every year, describing him as a peerlessly great man who made great contribution to accomplishing the cause of global peace and a great sage who provided mankind with the bright future of peace with the precious sword of Songun.

Indonesian newspaper International Media said:

Kim Jong Il energetically wrote many books, thereby comprehensively synthesizing and systematizing the ideology and theory of President Kim Il Sung and providing guidelines for the cause of independence of mankind.

In the period when the imperialists` offensive against socialism was being focused on the DPRK by taking advantage of the frustration of socialism in some countries, he issued numerous classic works and gave scientific solution to the validity of socialist cause and the inevitability of its victory.

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