Earnest Request

One day in January Juche 98(2009), Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the then Pyongyang Silk Mill despite the intense cold of mid-winter.

As he looked round the factory, he was very pleased to say that it had undergone so big a change he could find no traces of its old looks.

He then inspected different places of the factory to acquaint himself with technical modernization and production in detail and told officials that the solution of the clothing problem was a very important issue and it was the firm resolve and will of the Workers’ Party of Korea to provide the people with better clothes.

And he earnestly called on the workers of the farm to devote all their wisdom and sincerity to the production of silk thread in the spirit of serving the people whole-heartedly, thereby drastically improving the quality of silk, a speciality of the country.

The instruction of the Chairman was cherished deep in the minds of the officials.

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