Vietnamese Members of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation Visit Samjiyon Grand Monument

Last July Le Lan Anh, member of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation, and her party visited the Samjiyon Grand Monument.

Making the rounds of the monument standing majestically near the Lake Samji where Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of Korea, is visible, they were deeply impressed by the eternal history of the anti-Japanese armed struggle waged by President Kim Il Sung for national liberation. They highly praised the immortal exploits performed by the great leaders and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who developed Korea, which was once a weak colonial country, into a socialist power.

Le Lan Anh, head of the Vietnamese delegation, said:

“The Lake Samji and thick forests are permeated with the patriotic spirit and will of President  Kim Il Sung.

“When he came to the place in 1939, there was nothing. But now Korea has developed into a powerful country and all these achievements are attributed to him.”

Dang Yat Minh, member of the delegation, said:

“Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is the most famous, youngest and powerful leader in the world. Although there are many big countries and so-called strong leaders in the world, they can’t be compared to the Supreme Leader.

“The world’s people do not show particular interest in the news related to the activities of leaders of other countries. But whenever Kim Jong Un is televised, the whole world stops working and watches TV.

“Such a leader can be claimed to be the worldwide leader.”

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