Yangdok Hot Spring Resort an Epitome of Noble Love for People

Yangdok County in South Phyongan Province of the DPRK, which has been famous for its spas from olden times, has become even more well-known with the new history of golden mountains which President Kim Il Sung opened up 70 years ago when he visited the county.

It is also deeply associated with a trace of love for people of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had visited the county several times and illumined the ways to improve the people`s living standards in mountainous areas, saying it is a very nice place as it has fine scenery and hot springs as well.

Today, at such a historic place, a comprehensive spa treatment service base and complex sports resorts has been built with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s intention of providing the people with the best things in the world.

Laughter of the blessed people who are enjoying socialist civilization to their hearts’ content will resound forever along with the noble love for people of the Supreme Leader who energetically led the whole course of the hot spring resort construction project even in foul weathers and at dawns.

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