Repeated Rides for Safety Check

It was one April day in Juche 99 (2010).
That day Kim Jong Un accompanied Chairman Kim Jong Il to the Kaeson Youth Park with its inauguration just around the corner.
He was very pleased to look round the amusement park of Kaeson Youth Park which was rebuilt splendidly as a cultural facility in line with the requirements of the new century.
Then he said he would try a ride of rolling jet coaster.
Much surprised at the unexpected remark, the accompanying officials tried to dissuade him from doing so for his safety.
Until then, the security of the amusement facilities was not yet guaranteed.
The operators were not yet good at their operation and there were several risky sections on their routes.
So the officials earnestly asked him not to try the amusement facility.
But, telling them to relax, he stepped onto it before any others.
He wanted to personally verify the safety of amusement facilities to be used by the people.
A few days after their successful trial run he inspected the park again in spite of his tight schedule, still anxious about the people’s safety.
That day he tried several facilities including Z-force, which were operated in different methods, twice each, so as to ascertain their technical specifications and safety, and only then did he left the park.
The officials were deeply moved by the warm loving care of Kim Jong Un who devotes his all to the safety and happiness of the people, placing them above anything else.
No great men but he have ever got on the amusement facilities to be used by the people several times to be sure of their safety.
Indeed, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un carries forward the warm love shown for the people by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who devoted everything to them, regarding them as the most precious being in the world, and the legends of human love continue to be handed down on this land.

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