Remembrance Meeting Held in China

A remembrance meeting of the families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was held on April 10 at the DPRK embassy in Beijing to mark the Day of the Sun.

It was attended by the families of those related to the anti-Japanese war, the DPRK ambassador to China and his embassy staff members.

The participants laid a basket of flowers and bouquets at the beaming images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and made deep bows to them.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

Zhang Jinlu, daughter of Zhang Weihua, said:
 “As the 106th birth anniversary of the President is coming near at hand, I feel the more intense yearning for him.

 “He took particular care of us like our real father.

 “He will always be with us and the Sino-DPRK friendship will be eternal.”

Shang Xiaoyi, son of Shang Yue who was a middle school teacher of the President, said Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to China gave a boost to the Sino-DPRK friendship, expressing his conviction that the friendly relationship between the two countries would be bolstered up in the future.

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